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SBH Attorneys Tom Hill and Samantha D’Anna Successfully Defend Orthopedic Hand Surgeon at Trial

SBH attorneys Tom Hill and Samantha D’Anna successfully defended an orthopedic hand surgeon at trial in Cook County, Illinois. The plaintiff claimed the physician failed to timely diagnose compartment syndrome in the forearm of a sixty-five-year-old patient after extravasation of dye following placement of an IV. Plaintiff claimed the delay in diagnosis and performance of a fasciotomy caused permanent muscle and nerve injury resulting in complex regional pain syndrome and disabling pain. The defense argued the physician’s exam was thorough and appropriate, the patient did not have compartment syndrome at the time of the exam, appropriate follow up was arranged and the patient would have needed a fasciotomy once the compartment syndrome was present. The jury found in favor of the physician. The case was tried in the Circuit Court of Cook County before Judge Thomas V. Lyons, II.

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